1 - Grab a Cup

For Your Beary cool Yogurt

1 – Grab a Cup for your Beary Cool Yogurt

1 - Grab a Cup  [For Your Beary cool Yogurt]

2- Fill It Up

For Your Beary cool Yogurt

2 – Fill Your Cup for your Beary Cool Yogurt

2- Fill It Up [For Your Beary cool Yogurt]

3 - Top Away

For Your Beary cool Yogurt

3 – Top Away for your Beary Cool Yogurt

3 - Top Away [For Your Beary cool Yogurt]

4 - Weigh and Pay

For Your Beary cool Yogurt

4 – Weigh and Pay for your Beary Cool Yogurt

4 - Weigh and Pay [For Your Beary cool Yogurt]

Welcome to Beary Cool Yogurt

Welcome to the site for Beary Cool Yogurt ~ Alaska’s BEST frozen yogurt! We have wonderful frozen yogurt shop to serve you. Our Wasilla location is in the Carr’s Mall. Beary Cool Yogurt is the coolest thing to happen to frozen yogurt so we encourage you and your taste buds to come check us out!

Here at Beary Cool Yogurt we have 10 fantastic choices of flavors each day that we get right from Honey Hill Farms you will never get bored as we will always be changing things around and adding new great flavors. Stop by and say hello and check out all the amazing flavors that we have to offer, there is something for everyone.  We have flavors mom will like, flavors grandma and grandpa will like, heck even your dog will begging you for a little taste.

A great selection of flavors is one thing but everyone knows a great frozen yogurt needs some awesome toppings.  Well here at Beary Cool Yogurt just because we have a great choice of flavors already doesn’t mean we skip on the toppings. We have over 50, yep you read that right, 50 toppings! No matter what your taste is we have it covered.  Fruits, nuts, whip creams, yummy hot syrups we also have a great selection of 25 dry toppings as well, we have it all covered.

If you are wandering around in Wasilla, and craving a little treat, you won’t find a tastier one that at Beary Cool Yogurt. Great for people of all ages the kids will love making there own custom delicious frozen yogurt probably with all the tasty goodies then can fit on it. Parents on the other hand may want to go a little healthier, well we have that covered as well.

If you are in the area come in and say hi and have a look at what we have to offer. You won’t be disappointed; you may think that we won’t have the exact combination of flavors and toppings you want.  Well, thanks to one of our policies of changing up flavours and toppings regularly chances are we can make you very happy.  We look forward to seeing you and your creations.